Friday, March 22, 2013

The Training Dilemma

Its not a panacea for all ills. Its not an analgesic which gives you a temporary respite. We cannot prescribe it as an antibiotic which is taken for a period and then discontinued.

It is a recurrent process and a systemic dosage which helps in the development of people and is intrinsic to their motivation and performance.

Yes, I am writing in the context of Training & Development in organisations.

Well, it happened so that I had a meeting with an esteemed client and the issues were manifold.
The HR Manager had an entire list of programs and made me take a note of all the programs they wanted to get delivered for the entire year.

However, modest you might try to be, you can't hide your enthusiasm and secret elation of meeting your business development targets.

The other modalities were taken care of and the project began. It happened to be a Stress Management Workshop and the participants were nominated from various departments.

The trainer began the day with a highly energising icebreaker and a bang to the introductory session.

As soon as the expectations mapping began, Lo Behold  " Why me?",  " I am only 6 months old in the organisation", " I am fresh out of college", " I know how to handle stress" etc took charge of the candid confessions.

The trainer controlled the hijacking and moved ahead. Well! Not to say the least, the program turned out to be an average one with particpants' feedback stating the program to be highly interactive and participative.

Participants felt that the program was highly engaging and interactive. It had a 'WOW' effect.

Yet, I felt something was amiss.So what went wrong?

What I didn't realise then, I realised after all these years of training for corporates and understanding the basic premise of any training debacle- A Systematic Training Needs Analysis based on Performance Consulting.

If a training doesn't measure the impact it brings about, the performance improvement, the same 'WOW' Training is reduced to just a feel good.

What I would like you to ponder is on making behavioural training measurable! It is becoming common to propagate the fancy terminologies in training and effectiveness but designing the quantifiable metrics in training should be the Mantra of all Trainings.

How to design metrics is the next point of discussion in my blog!

Till Then... Happy Training!!!


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